Welcome To Happi Feline!

Founded By Feline Parents

And Their Feline Babies

Hello, my human friends! My name is Nemo. I'm an orange tabby. Both my sister, Beta Z and I were rescued as kittens.

Although we were both considered as feral cats, we have turned out with very different personalities. I'm actually one of the most affectionate cats that my parents have ever met. I like to cuddle, snuggle and put my paws on my parents’ face. On the other hand, Beta Z is sassy and more reserved.

You may wonder why we’re starting this online venture? Well, we want to celebrate the very special connection between a cat and their human parent. Specifically, we offer products that allow cat parents to celebrate and express their love for cats! Isn’t that fun?!

Not only we have a fun venture, we’ll donate a portion of our profit to charities that focus on feline welfare and spaying/neutering programs.

I don't think we're the only felines who have the dream of becoming an entrepreneur and wants to make the world a better place for us cats. I hope that our story will inspire all the other like-minded cats and their parents out there.

Together we can make the world a better place for cats and all!

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MEOW!😻 😹 🐈 🥳 💕 🥰